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ECOSY OTTAWA ECO 5kW wood only ecodesign 2022 defra approved stove

Ecosy are a British company based in Tadley Hampshire. Their stoves are remarkable for being passed to the highest ecodesign and defra standards as well as being inexpensive.  They have built a reputation around good design, high quality and low prices.

The Ottawa ECO stove is the cleaner, greener version of the remarkable multi-fuel Ottawa, it has a higher efficiency of 82.8% (A+ EP rating), it is defra approved and is passed for a 12mm hearth and comes with a 7 year warranty. There is also an optional bolt on oven. Quality doesn't usually come so cheap.

We do our best to keep this stove in stock, please ring first but usually we have it boxed, available to take away on the day.

We do not charge for local delivery making us are cheaper than Stove World UK (Ecosy+) by £40.

Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
390mm (15¼") 561mm (22") 321mm (12½") 125mm (5") 20cm (8") 82.8%
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
76kg (unpackaged) 12mm wood only none steel and cast iron A+
Exterior window(S) Distances to combustibles Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
210 x 295mm 
(8½ x 11½")

62cm² (9½"²)

Back 600mm 5 years 5kW nominal £499 (including local* delivery)
Side(s) 500mm
Max hearth temperature 82°C +£20 (powder coated black handle)
+£199 (bolt on oven overall height 761mm)

To sweep and maintain the appliance an access panel is necessary in the flue pipe when the stove is used with the oven
Mean flue gas temperature 242°C