The purpose of a hearth is to provide a safe non combustible base for your open fire or stove.

The requirements of the building regulations are set out in Approved Document 'J' what follows is a brief précis.

For a stove, unless the manufacturer specifies greater, we need a solid non combustible surface extending 225mm/9" in front of the appliance. This needs to extend 150mm/6" either side of the appliance. In most circumstances combustible materials must not extensively spread out under the hearth. The hearth should be at least 12mm thick if the appliance is freestanding and appliance is tested to heat the hearth to less than 100ºC (all of ours are).

Most houses already have what we need and if not, it is usually relatively inexpensive to make them compliant.

Brazilian black 25-30mm thick slate hearths made from 1200 x 600mm slate pieces. Sawn/polished edge. Brazilian slate is semi honed, some patterning is expected in the stone, we usually finish it in oil or silicone sealant. Supplied and fitted with beveled/rounded edge.

Brazilian slate hearth in preparation

  • Single piece (1200 x 600mm maximum) £295 as shown left
  • Two pieces (1200 x 1300mm maximum) £315 as shown left
  • Three pieces (1800 x 900mm maximum) £350 as shown left

We usually grout multiple piece hearth with matt black fire cement.

Chailey/Ashdown metric bricks or brick paver hearth.

Brick hearth by HOVE WOOD BURNERS

  • Supplied and fitted with lime (cream coloured) mortar £375

Khota black limestone hearths made from 900 x 600mm limestone pieces.

Khota black limestone hearth by HOVE WOOD BURNERS

  • Chipped/sawn edge. Supplied and fitted £330

Hearths tiled. We supply the adhesive and the grout, you provide the tiles.

Tiled hearth by HOVE WOOD BURNERS

  • With hardwood edging. From £200

All prices include VAT.