OER 7kW multi-fuel Defra log burner in Brighton by Hove Wood Burners

OER 7kW multi-fuel defra log burner installed in Brighton by Hove Wood Burners OER 7kW enamel stove fitted in Brighton and Hove by Hove Wood Burners OER 7kW multi-fuel wood burner supplied and fitted in Portslade near Brighton
OER 7kW enamel doored multi-fuel defra stove fitted in Portslade East Sussex OER 7kW stove installed in Hove OER 7kW log burner in Hove Wood Burners showroom



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OER 7 7kW multi-fuel ecodesign 2022 defra approved stove

The OER 7 is a conventional stove finished well and thought through. It has what you might expect from a company like OER.

Namely it is defra approved for smoke control areas, it has a 5" outlet and is suitable for a 12mm hearth. Natively multi-fuel they have some very nice and unusual features. Most striking is the coloured enamel doors in six colours.

But don't forget the detachable (so they don't get hot) magnetic handles and innovative firebrick kit to reduce maximum output down to 4.9kW if desired.

There are three different height legs that can be attached making the OER 7 truly versatile. But not forgetting the beautifully simple and robust grate that has to be one of the best available. They are British designed, made and enameled. Since January 2019 they are also ecodesign passed.

OER are based in Stoke-on-Trent with over 30 years history in the fireplace industry. All come with a 5 year warranty.


Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
500mm (19¾") 588mm (23¼") 295mm (11½") 125mm (5") 36cm (14¼") 78%
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
68kg (unpackaged) 12mm multi-fuel steel and cast iron A
Exterior window Exterior window² Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
357 x 237mm
(14 x 9¼")
84.6cm² (13¼"²) 5 years 4.9-6.9kW £1045 black (non enamel door) (including local* delivery)
+£65 150mm legs
+£65 300mm legs
+£180 white or grey enamel door
+£295 red or duck egg enamel door