Town & Country Cropton 5kW ecodesign label


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TOWN AND COUNTRY CROPTON 5kW multi-fuel ecodesign 2022 defra approved stove

The Cropton is Town & Country's first foray into the world of ecodesign 2022 compliant stoves. It is elegant, efficient and clean. In addition it is 5kW and is as suited to the urban home as the north york moors.

The Stove Industry Alliance believes that an ecodesign stove such as the Cropton will require about 5 logs to produce 4kWh of heat over a 5 hour period.

Town & Country fires are a family owned company based in Pickering in Yorkshire. They manufacture in Pickering from sheet steel to finished product. I'm hard pressed to think of a stove I'd rather have than a Town & Country stove. All come with 10 year warranty.

We have Town & Country Cropton on display in our showroom.

Link to Town & Country blog post


Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
438mm (17¼") 640mm (25¼") 280mm (11") 125mm (5") 30cm (11¾") 81.2% (wood) 77.7% (smokeless)
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
86.8kg (unpackaged) 12mm multi-fuel 150mm (S), 300mm (A), 50mm (R). 24Pa. all steel A+
Exterior window DISTANCE TO COMBUSTIBLES Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
325 x 390mm
(12¾ x 15½")

126.7cm² (19¾"²)

Rear 450mm 10 years 5kW nominal £1753(including local* delivery)
Side(s) 350mm
Max hearth temperature 59°C +£30 (powder coated black handle)
Mean flue gas temperature 268°C (wood) 291°C (solid fuel)