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BROSELEY IGNITE 7kW multi-fuel defra approved stove

Broseley's Ignite 7 stove is the big brother to the Ignite 5. It shares its siblings features being natively multi-fuel and defra approved for smoke control areas. Similarly it also has the Ignite 5's steel plate and thin insulation. Meaning there are no firebricks and therefore very little to service inside the stove.

Logstore options are available and are neat bolt ons allowing any standard Ignite to become a logstore version. The Ignite can also be room sealed for post 2008 properties increasing efficiency and decreasing draughts throughout the home. It is also British made.

Broseley are a British firm based in Shropshire not far from the town they take their name from and have been in the stove business since 1983.


Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
542mm (21¼") 582mm (23") 350mm (13¾") 125mm (5") 48cm (19") 79.4% (wood) / 83.4% (ancit)
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
84kg (unpackaged) / 101kg (logstore) 12mm/constructional multi-fuel 300mm front hearth, 100mm (S) 100mm (R) 100mm (A), 5M flue, 12-18Pa. steel and cast iron A
Exterior window DISTANCE TO COMBUSTIBLES Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
374 x 254mm
(14¾ x 10")

94.9cm² (14¾"²)

Back 650mm 5 years 7.3kW nominal (wood)
7.4kW nominal (ancit)
£1076 (including local* delivery)
Side(s) 500mm
Above 600mm +£136 (bolt on logstore - 827mm high)
£99 (burnished door)
Mean flue gas temperature 290°C (wood) / 237°C (ancit)
We can refinish the Ignite with our door options from £99