Before the installation of a chimney liner it is important to sweep the flue. If the flue can be demonstrated to be smoke tight it may be used without a chimney liner.

We work with and recommend the following sweeps:

Sean Wilson The Brighton Chimney Sweep 07973 512 189


David Ansell David the Chimney Sweep 07724 148 817


Christina Goff Sussex Sweeps 07712 583 299


Ben Cregan Van Dyke Chimney Sweeps 07376 612222

Chimney sweeping is essential to prevent chimney fires and should be conducted annually as a minimum. It is very sensible to book the sweep during the 'low' season namely spring/summer when they are generally not as busy as they are in autumn/winter.

The Governments 'Clean air strategy' states:

 "The way in which we use our stoves can have a big impact on air quality and how long the chimney and stove will last. A local professional sweep can help consumers get it right, ensuring that they get the most from their stoves and provide advice on optimum operation. This can help save money and avoid chimney fires.

The building regulations recommend smoke testing to establish the condition of a flue prior to use. These are detailed in Document J E13-22.

Smoke test I (pressure test)

This test confirms the gas tightness of the whole flue. The flue should be demonstrated to hold smoke for 5 minutes whilst sealing the flue Document J states there should be 'no significant leakage'.

It is usually sensible to get the chimney sweep to perform this test prior to installation.