Schiedel chimney liners hove wood burners


The purpose of a flexible stainless steel chimney liner is to ensure the poisonous gases produced by your stove or open fire are safely conveyed to the outside world and dispersed.

Not all chimneys need to be lined and HETAS advise a chimney liner is intended as means of repairing a damaged or leaking flue.

As a guide most Regency (Brighton seafront) & Victorian (Hanover, Queens Park) flues fail the smoke pressure test. They have usually had a hard life (i.e. been used with open fires) and the lime mortar has flaked between the bricks.

Properties built from the 1930s (Bevandean, Coldean, Patcham) onwards to the 1960s tend to be much better with a 60:40 pass rate. Mostly due to the cement mortar and better brickwork.

Properties built from the 1960s onwards should have been built with a ceramic liner (concrete, pumice or clay) from new and, if present, it can be assumed to be sound.

The diameter of the liner is determined by the stove outlet and DEFRA approval. It is not permitted to reduce the diameter. A 5"/125mm or 6"/150mm liner is what is required for most stoves.

The flue must also be at least 4.5M long to conform to regulations. The liner must remain accessible (through the stove, via an access panel etc.) for sweeping and should be swept annually as a minimum.

Open fires require an 8"/200mm liner according to regulations. Due to the fact most flues are 9" square to try to fit an 8" liner, in most cases, is impractical and alternative solutions are best sought. Such as

We generally fit our liners without scaffold from a combination of ladders. On occasions scaffold may be necessary. We take great care with your roof and if any tiles are damaged they will be replaced on the day.

  • 5" (125mm) 6m (single storey) liners supplied and fitted from £850

  • 5" (125mm) 9m (two storey) liners supplied and fitted from £1050

  • 6" (150mm) 9m (two storey) liners supplied and fitted from £1350

  • For longer liners the extra length is charged at £45 per metre

Inclusive of connectors, pot hanging cowl, labour and certification.

We use British made Flue Supplies/Schiedel liners which have a 20 year/appliance lifetime warranty. We haven't yet had any warranty claims.