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HENLEY SHERWOOD 12kW multi-fuel ecodesign 2022 defra approved stove

Henley's Sherwood 12 is the biggest of the Sherwood range, capable of being fitted with a boiler for water heating and with a max log size of 15".

The Sherwood 12 has the usual Henley 5 year warranty and is passed for a 12mm hearth and ecodesign 2022.

Henley is one of Ireland’s leading stove companies based in county Kerry and Cambridge with an extensive background in the stove industry.  The core aim at Henley is to provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices.


Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
540mm (21¼") 630mm (24¾") 447mm (17½") 150mm (6") 38cm (15") 79%
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
103kg (unpackaged) 12mm multi-fuel Flue must not exceed 230mm², Hearth (F) 250mm. 10-20Pa. steel and cast iron A
Exterior window Exterior window² Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
405 x 347mm
(16 x 13½")
140.5cm² (21¾"²) 5 years 12kW £830 (including local* delivery)
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