Saltfire ST-X5 multi-fuel defra ecodesign best selling stove at Hove Wood Burners

Saltfire ST-X5 multi-fuel defra ecodesign stove fitted in fiveways Brighton Saltfire ST-X5 ecodesign 2022 log burner at Hove Wood Burners Saltfire ST-X5 multi-fuel defra stove fitted in Hove
Saltfire ST-X5 defra stove at Hove Wood Burners Saltfire ST-X5 ecodesign stove fitted at Poets corner Hove East Sussex Saltfire ST-X5 multi-fuel log burner at Hove Wood Burners


Saltfire ST-X5 5kW ecodesign label


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SALTFIRE ST-X5 5kW multi-fuel ecodesign 2022 defra approved stove

Probably our best selling stove, on paper its hard to beat (81.8% efficiency, A+ rating) in the flesh it's equally impressive.

Saltfire's ST-X range are exceptional. They are efficient, multi-fuel, defra and ecodesign approved and they are inexpensive. The all have a three year warranty and they are heavy weight controllable stoves with large fireboxes and a pleasing appearance. The entire range have riddling grates and three air controls as standard.

Exceptionally controllable 2-8kW range with clay firebricks which are much more robust than their vermiculite counterparts.

Saltfire are a family owned stove company based in Wareham in Dorset. We've sold their stoves for years and have yet to have to do any warranty work on the ST-X range. Reliable, robust and efficient.

We have Saltfire ST-X5 on display in our showroom.

Width Height Depth Outlet size Max log size Efficiency (Net)
460mm (18") 615mm (24¼") 370mm (14½") 125mm (5") 32cm (12½") 81.8%
Weight Hearth required Fuel Air gaps required Construction EP rating
90kg (unpackaged) 12mm multi-fuel 50mm all round steel and cast iron A+
Exterior window Distances to combustibles Warranty Output Price (inclusive of VAT)
300 x 310mm
(11¾ x 12¼")

93cm² (14½"²)

Back 700mm 5 years 5kW nominal
2-8kW range
£999 (including local* delivery)
Side(s) 600mm
+£100 (tall version - 835mm high)
+£99 (burnished door)
Mean flue gas temperature 277°C