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Whilst solid fuel appliances don't automatically require an annual service like a gas boiler a service will extend the life and improve the performance of any stove.

Our service consists of:

  • Renewal of worn rope seals. Worn rope seals can lead to excessive fuel usage and possibly smoke and CO leaks. We can renew both the door and glass seals to factory finish.


  • Renewal of fire cement seals. Cracked fire cement seals can cause poor draw making a stove difficult to light and the possibility of leaking poisonous CO.


  • Cleaning the glass with a chemical cleaner to improve heat transfer.


  • Removal, check and refit of baffle/throat plate to ensure there are no obstructions or debris preventing proper function.


  • Black the exterior with appropriate finish.  To make the stove look like new, please be aware this will give off smoke on the first firing afterwards.


  • Fitting new firebricks. If necessary and after purchase. We can fabricate most firebricks usually from £20 per brick.


  • Vacumning of the stove's interior. Removal and disposal of clinker and ash.


  • Smoke test. To ensure all is functioning as it ought to.



all prices include VAT

A service is a not a substitute for annual sweeping.

Additionally we can also:

Burnish and refinish stove doors and stove bodies.


Cut access panels into registration plates or stove pipes (for sweeps access and service) from £55.00


Register with HETAS and make compliant non-compliant burners. Often required when renting or selling. From £55.00

all prices include VAT